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The Essence of Adolescent & Surviving Family: The Chaos of Addiction

Dr. Bill Beacham (University of Oxford) is Executive Director of the Center for Drug-Free Communities since 1988, specializing in Treatment of Addictive Disorders and Training in the areas of Drug-Free Schools. He is California Board (BBS) Certified.

He is the former Director of Training/Clinical Services for CareUnit Hospitals where he trained addiction specialists, educators, parents, law enforcement and mental health workers in substance abuse prevention and intervention. He specializes in the treatment of adolescents and adults with chemical dependency/psychiatric disorders.

He has been the keynote speaker at many local, state & national conventions, including the “International Drug and Alcohol Conference”, the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) “Drugs and Today’s Athlete” Conference, the “National Student Assistance Conference” and the “National DARE Officers Association” Conference.

Bill is the founder of Peer Assistance Leadership (PAL®) Camp, a 3-5 day peer helping training program for young people. The focus is on peer assistance as it relates to resiliency skills, asset building, violence prevention, conflict resolution, and alcohol, tobacco and other drug prevention/intervention strategies. (4-8 Camps/year since 1985)

He’s been with the LAPD/DARE program since its inception in 1983 and the US Olympic Committee. Bill has conducted workshops with many dignitaries including former President Bush, the White House staff and testified at Congressional Hearings.